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Clear Outside


Reliable weather forecasts for astronomers with an emphasis on cloud cover. Features include:
• Seven day hourly forecasts, updated hourly. • Low, medium, high and total cloud cover. • Moon rise/set times and phase. • Sun rise/set and transit. • Civil/nautical/astronomical darkness. • International Space Station (ISS) pass-over information. • Location search automatically provides a forecast for your location. • Save favourite locations for easy access. • Covers daytime too so also useful for solar observers/imagers.
Updated hourly. Frequent hourly updates are important because often the clear spell between showers provides excellent seeing and 30-minutes under a clear sky with a grab-&-go telescopes is pure gold!
Did you notice the ISS pass-over information? The times are precisely calculated for your location and displayed alongside the cloud forecasts so it has never been easier to observe. It is our favourite feature :-)
Also includes regular weather data (wind, rain, frost, temperature, dew point, etc) so perfect for those wanting a detailed weather forecast, without cutesy graphics.
We have had a lot of fun building and testing Clear Outside and are keen to to develop it further so if you find it useful or have suggestions, please let us know.